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Company news
CIE Recently Signed the Contract for Sintering Upgrading Project with Russia
CIE participated in the Construction of Comprehensive Stock Yard Relocation and Upgrading Project for Environmental Protection of WuKun Steel Co., Ltd.
Sintering Machine Upgrading Project for Lvliang Jianlong Group was Successfully Put into Production
CIE Signed EPC Contract on Sintering Flue Gas Purification for Green Fine Steel Project with Zenith Steel
Several Projects Generally Contracted by CIE have been Put into Production Successfully
CIE Participated in the Ignition Ceremony of Sanbao Group's New No.1 Blast Furnace Project
CIE Signed an EPC Contract with Mingfu Steel on 220m2 Sintering Flue Gas Circulation
CIE was Successfully Listed as One of the Recommended Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing System Solution Suppliers
CIE Won the First Prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology Award
CIEE Signed a Contract with Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel Co., Ltd. on Steel Waste Heat Power Generation and Substation Project
CIE Won the Silver Medal of the 21st China Patent Award
Another Key Sintering Technology of CIE has been Industrially Applied for the First Time in China
Zhongye Changtian International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CIE) Signed EPC Contract with Chenggang Steel on 240m2 Sintering Project
CIEE Signed the Contract for Waste Heat Power Generation and Flue Gas Purification Project of Yongfeng Group
CIEE Won the Bid for the General Contracting of Hazardous Waste Incineration Project in Jieyang Dananhai Petrochemical Industrial Park
The Sintering Machine Project of Wugang Zhongjia Generally Contracted by CIE was Smoothly Put into Production
CIE Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Yongfeng Group
CIE Signed the General Contract for Sintering and Waste Heat Power Generation Works of Green Fine Steel Project of Zenith Steel
The Sintering Project of Xiangfen County Xinjinshan Special Steel Co., Ltd. Generally Contracted by CIE was Officially Put into Production
CIE Won the Bid for 265 m2 Sintering EPC Project of Angang Zhoukou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
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