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ZHONGYE CHANGTIAN INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “CIE” or “the Company”), one of members of China Minmetals and holding subsidiary of MCC, is a comprehensive and technological international engineering company integrating engineering consultation, engineering design, technical R&D, equipment manufacturing, EPC, project management, investment and financing construction into one. For past over 60 years servicing China’s steel industry, CIE has established piles of excellent projects for almost domestic large and middle iron and steel corporations including Baosteel and foreign customers from over 20 countries. With full industry chain, full life cycle service capability and leading superiority, it is also one of general contractors for engineering construction, suppliers for technical equipment integration, and providers for project operation management service in the field of metallurgical engineering construction, energy conservation and environment protection in China and “national team” in China metallurgy field prior to iron making. 
In the new historical development period, CIE devotes itself to transformation, upgrading and sustainable development with new strategic position of endeavoring to “the national team of pre-ironmaking, the pioneers of energy conversation and environmental protection, the new force of smart city” from concentrating on metallurgical engineering construction to diverse business system focusing on metallurgy engineering construction and developing top five parts in a coordinated way.   At present, we see its business covering metallurgical mine, environmental protection on energy sources, municipal foundation facilities construction, technology equipment R&D and manufacturing, and special engineering (three-electricity/ kiln/ tailing reservoir).
【The national team of pre-ironmaking】
Based on the first brand prior to iron making of China metallurgy and accumulation and precipitation for the past 60 years in metallurgy mineral industry, CIE becomes main leader and facilitator for developing technology and equipment of China metallurgy prior to iron making. 
We have seen hundreds of design and general contracting of large mining projects at home and abroad, design and general contracting capability of various metal and non-metal mineral processing and comprehensive recovery projects, advanced technology level of mineral processing in China. With less than 720 square meters of whole series sintering machine technology research and development and construction ability, CIE’s cumulative design and construction of sintering machine project quantity and area have ranked to the top of the whole world. With unique expertise at large pelletizing and characteristic pelletizing aspect, it has designed one of China's largest oxide pellet projects. It also has realized industrial self-developed production - the direct reducing coal-based (one-step method) iron technology in global at first. 
Devoting itself to domestic metallurgical engineering construction, CIE also actively responds to the national "going out strategy”, presenting hundreds of different types of large-scale engineering consulting, design, general contracting and equipment supply to more than 20 countries including Brazil, Japan, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, and taking Chinese metallurgy technology and equipment to the world while bringing a world’s praise at China’s metallurgical industry. 
【Bellwether of energy conservation and environment protection】
As one of energy services companies reviewed and recorded by national development and reform commission and the ministry of finance, CIE makes an actively devotion to energy conservation and environmental protection, while sets up a subsidiary specializing in environmental protection and recycling of resources with domestic advanced design level and technical strength. In the field of metallurgical environmental protection, we have seen a series of self-development core technologies for energy conservation and environmental protection - sintering waste heat and efficient utilization technology, direct connection furnace waste heat boiler technology, and active carbon flue gas and multiple pollutants collaborative governance, and all of them have reached international advanced level and greatly improved the energy saving and consumption reducing of iron and steel industry. With rich technical strength at industrial hazardous waste treatment, heavy metal treatment, soil restoration, landfill, incineration, industrial waste water treatment, etc., it is a leader in the field of domestic hazardous waste treatment and landfill. It is in the future that CIE will deep going on its dream of “clean water and blue-sky human homeland” to become one of leading comprehensive construction and operation management service enterprises at energy conservation and environmental protection field. 
【New force of smart city】
With class-A qualification of municipal administration and construction, CIE is one of the first large design enterprises engaged in municipal administration and engineering construction in China. It has finished thousands of projects including various kinds of transportation planning, urban road, bridge tunnel, construction planning, highway, urban water supply and other design, project general contracting, BT, PPP project covering more than 20 regions and overseas Asia, Africa and Oceania. 
It is in the future that CIE will inherit the idea of “making city life more beautiful”, make an actively devotion into comprehensive tube corridor of urban underground, sponge city, beautiful countryside, smart city construction, etc., strive to develop advanced information technique, promote smart application, and apply itself to integrated construction and operation management service provider of domestic leading smart city. In the meantime, it is throwing itself into the active development of medical health industry, such as building Hunan Xiangya fifth Hospital - a large comprehensive top three hospital with largest scale and most advanced equipments and facilities in Hunan Province. 
Guided by the market, CIE always sticks to “environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving” for higher technical innovation. We have seen a constitutor of national standard in sintering pellet industry, who has formed 3 national R&D platforms including national engineering research center of sintering and pelletizing equipment system, 3 provincial and ministerial R&D platforms, 7 professional laboratories and 6 research demonstration bases, and a high-quality scientific research team and expert team including masters of engineering survey and design in China and chief experts of CIE Group. Recently, CIE successively undertakes the following projects including National 863 Plan, National Technology Support Project, National Major R&D Design Project, Significant Industry Technology Development Project of NDRC, Hunan Province Science and Technology Plan Project, and it has won over 300 prizes including state science and technology invention award, various excellent engineering project awards, science and technology progress awards and invention awards. Further, it has presided and participated over 60 compiling and modifying national and industrial standards, specifications and regulations. With over 900 effective patents and over 60 proprietary technologies, CIE has won the second prize of national science and technology progress, China patent gold medal, China patent excellent medal, the first prize of metallurgical science and technology, the first prize of Hunan Province science and technology process, special prize in science and technology of CIM Group, etc. 
Based on leading technology, standard management, quality service and outstanding performance, CIE enjoys its good prestige and high brand popularity, which has won the pride of national "keep contacts regard credits” in Hunan Province for continuous 21 years and in Changsha City for continuous 26 years, who has participated Shanghai Baosteel project and Anshan steel technical renovation and expansion project which was awarded as “Top 100 classic and excellent projects in new China for 60 years”. In 2009, CIE has awarded as “National Labor Medal”. From 2002 to 2015, it ranked the first 40 of top 100 China’s EPC enterprise turnover for continuous 14 years. 
With the spirituality of “No single day will be wasted or slacked” facing the future, CIE makes every effort to make metallurgical industry more environmental, human homeland cleaner and city life more beautiful.





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