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CIE Signed a Contract for Sintering and Lime EPC Contract for The Third Phase of XUSTEEL GROUP's Equipment Technology Reform Project
CIE signed a EPC Contract on Sintering Renovation Project of Fujian Quanzhou Minguang Steel (220 sq.m.)
ASSB Sent a Letter to Praise CIE
CIE signed a EP Contract on Pelletizing Flue Gas Denitrification Project of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Works
CIE Signed a EPC General Contract on MCKIP Project in Malaysia of Shaft Furnace (14 sq.m.)
The Fifth Xiangya School of Central South University Sees Its Southern Branch Cap
The flue gas desulfurization and denitrification project of WISCO’s No.4 sintering had smoothly ventilated the flue gas
CIE reached a deep cooperation in scientific research with JIANLONG GROUP
The Bright World of Metals
Full production ceremony on MCKIP’s steel project of 3.5 million ton was held
Sintering Project of Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel No.3 Blast Furnace System Project, designed by CIE, made a complete entry
ZENITH’s project of 580㎡ ring cooler system and waste heat power generation transformation went into operation
CIE had a Framework Agreement on Scientific Research Cooperation with XUSTEEL GROUP
China Steel Went to CIE for Inspection and Exchange
Sichuan Yanting Youli started its production and processing project of silicon aluminum powder
265㎡ EPC project of draper-type sintering machine signed by CIE and Xinjinshan Special Steel
180㎡ EPC contract of sintering machine engineering signed by CIE and Wugang Zhongjia Iron and Steel
320㎡ EPC engineering of sintering machine signed by CIE and Fujian Sanbao Steel
CIE won "the 20th Excellent Patent Award in China "twice
A EPC project on comprehensive governance of 265㎡ sintering flue gas for promotion and reform signed by CIE and Shaanxi Longmen Steel
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