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The System to Detect and Diagnose the Status of Devices Developed by CIE Has Been Put into Use


The System to Detect and Diagnose the Status of Devices Developed by CIE Has Been Put into Use


On June 21, the system based on industrial internet to detect and diagnose the status of devices independently developed by CIE has been put into use after 7*24 hours of testing on 3# sintering machine of Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.


Sintering production is a typical process industry as it has many production steps, a huge logistics volume, and many rotating devices and is likely to produce much dust. To ensure the device operates safely and stably, it's usually placed in an enclosed space, which means that its working status is hidden, making it difficult for workers to check it and maintain its operation and bringing hidden risks of accidents.


The CIE has integrated wireless sensors to develop wireless a data collection system that combines wireless communication and edge computers. The data collection system can collect many key signals such as temperature, vibration, and acceleration of more than 500 monitoring points of over 200 rotating devices (including electric motors, bearings, and gear reducers of the main equipment of sintering, including fuel crusher, belt conveyor, mixing machine, sintering machine, and annular cooler online, accurately and in real-time. The data collection system ensures that the signals can be transmitted stably, propels the research and development of an intelligent fault diagnosis model based on machine learning algorithms, and makes it possible to intelligently predict problems of devices online. The technology has replaced the work of the inspector including "listening to, touching, checking, seeing and smelling" the machine with unmanned inspection, ensuring that the status of devices can be inspected in time, effectively, and efficiently, thus improving the efficiency of spot inspection exceptionally, leading to an increase of operation rate of sintering production.


The system to detect and diagnose the status is the first diagnostic system covering the whole plant with the aim of achieving unmanned inspection in the sintering industry of China. Put it into use has great significance of the three sintering projects of Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and the development of the dark factory of the steel industry.