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BT engineering at Yunlong avenue in Zhuzhou City: It is one of urban main stems with biggest one-time investment and largest con
Naning Shajing - South station interchange: it is one of large hub interchanges in Nanning City covering the biggest floor space
New project of Hengyang second ring west road: it is the largest municipal road engineering design project in Hengyang City
Liuyang River Bridge at Changsha Mars North Road: it has won the Luban Prize for Chinese construction engineering
Yuan River River-crossing tunnel in Changde City
Zhanjiang cross-sea bridge
Line 1, 3, 5, 6 rail transit in Changsha and Line 3 rail transit in Shijiazhuang
Comprehensive pipe gallery at labor east road in Changsha City: it is the first comprehensive pipe gallery in Changsha City
Changsha Gongnong east road: it is the first sponge city pilot engineering in Changsha City
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