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Principal infrastructure construction
BT engineering at Yunlong avenue in Zhuzhou City: It is one of urban main stems with biggest one-time investment and largest con
Naning Shajing - South station interchange: it is one of large hub interchanges in Nanning City covering the biggest floor space
New project of Hengyang second ring west road: it is the largest municipal road engineering design project in Hengyang City
Liuyang River Bridge at Changsha Mars North Road: it has won the Luban Prize for Chinese construction engineering
Yuan River River-crossing tunnel in Changde City
Zhanjiang cross-sea bridge
Line 1, 3, 5, 6 rail transit in Changsha and Line 3 rail transit in Shijiazhuang
Comprehensive pipe gallery at labor east road in Changsha City: it is the first comprehensive pipe gallery in Changsha City
Changsha Gongnong east road: it is the first sponge city pilot engineering in Changsha City
EPC project of the fifth Xiangya Hospital in Hunan Province: It is key engineering project and major livelihood project in Huna
Hunan Provincial Museum: it is the first national grade-one museum, and the biggest museum of history and art in Hunan Province
Jishou government-subsidized housing project: it is the biggest construction survey project of housing municipal administration
Hetian test and detection center in Hunan Province: it boasts the microprocessor control electro-hydraulic servo pressure shear
Comprehensive transportation hub of Changsha automobile south station
Changsha Central Hospital
Hunan Branch of China Development Bank
Overall planning of Hupingshan Town in Shimen County
Agent construction project on poverty alleviation and removal engineering in other places of Hongcheng Village in Yuxi Town, Don
Baijing Expressway in Guangxi Province
Kunming Ring Expressway
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