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Overseas Network
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CIE, a good-quality brand deeply trusted and favored by its customers, sees its foreign business step into over 20 countries and districts including Brazil, India, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. of about 100 finished projects such as overseas engineering consult, technical service, engineer design and EPC, based on its purpose to be one of international engineering companies actively expanding its overseas market. 
Based on its 30 years practical accumulation on overseas engineering, CIE has gradually formed its unique competitive advantage: 
——The internationally compatible system of project manage 
——The network platform making global procurement available 
——The mature and leading technical skill and powerful innovation ability
——The abundant manage experience on international project operation 
——The reasonable offer
——The leading performance
Overseas engineering
As the first design unit with foreign management authority in China, CIE has started to cooperate and communicate with foreign merchants since participating in its engineering construction with Baosteel in the late 1970s. Therefore, it rakes up more and more international cooperation experience and makes international engineering management clearer. Especially in the last ten years, CIE, based on its top-grade technical ability, rich project manage experience and superior service, has made its business into overseas 
market actively based on its over 100 overseas projects in terms of overseas engineering consultation, technical service, engineering design and EPC including EP and EPC projects, covering over 20 countries and districts including Brazil, India, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, South Africa and Philippine etc. With about 10 billion Yuan of international engineering technical service and product output to overseas customers, CIE has let more and more people in the whole world know its independently developed metallurgical technologies and equipments.  CIE, a good brand deeply trusted and favored by its customers, is reputable based on its finished good-quality projects and advanced technical equipment. 
The main overseas projects are:
Formosa Ha Tinh Steel 2×500㎡ sintering plant EP project
Brazil GA 6 million ton beneficiation EP project
Brazil GA sintering EP project
Japan Wakayama 185㎡ sintering EP project
Brazil AMM198㎡ sintering EP project
India ISPAT sintering plant engineering  project

Overseas business