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Environmental protection
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Developing circular economy
CIE adheres to the circular economy principle of reduction, reutilization and recycling and implements water saving, energy conservation, material saving , land saving and environmental protection in construction sites; Its affiliated production companies carry out the process improvement and technology innovation with “saving energy, reducing consumption and sewage and increasing efficiency” as the guiding principle.
The company has its unique advantages in comprehensive utilization of waste heat and flue gas purification in iron and steel plants, it has continuously improved the process and equipment during the past few years and has made active contributions for circular development of iron and steel industry.
Xiangsteel 2x360m2 sintering waste heat electricity generation EPC project with electricity generation of 8.2MW saves about 100,300t standard coal annually.
Strengthening ecological environment protection
( 1 ) Reducing environmental impact in operation
During engineering construction, the earth digging and backfilling engineering, the road building, land leveling and foundation engineering etc. will cause damage to the land surface form and soil structure. Through reasonable selection of project site and less occupation of the land in design, the vegetation damage, surface exposure impacts and water and soil loss are avoided.
( 2 )Making contributions for environmental pollution control
CIE devotes itself to research, development and utilization of sintering flue gas desulphurization technology, it has mastered domestic universal and advanced desulphurization process and technology, the already-built and commissioned demonstration projects run smoothly with high desulphurization rate. Meanwhile, the company has become a leading supplier for all-around environment service in solid waste treatment and sewage treatment industry. It has successively and independently completed design and general contracting for tens of projects, of which many have won excellent ministerial and provincial design prizes, and some of them have become the demonstration project of the country or of the area.
The active carbon flue gas purification technology independently developed by CIE is the most advanced flue gas cleaning technology in current flue gas purification field, it is a comprehensive resource recovery and flue gas control technology. Now, the technology is being applied in Baosteel Zhanjiang sintering flue gas cleaning project.
In Shenzhen hazardous wastes incineration and disposal project, the EU emission standard of air pollutants is firstly adopted in the design in China, the latest and the most advanced domestic processes, technologies and equipment are adopted boldly, and many performance test indexes are superior to EU environmental standards.
The urban sewage treatment plant project of Zhaoqing in cooperation with others is evaluated as excellent demonstration project of Guangdong province
The landfill leachate disposal treatment project of urban living garbage (domestic wastes) in Yiyang city of Hunan province

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