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Tailing reservoir engineering


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CIE has a special advantage in design of large sized tailing reservoirs, with well-known experts at home and abroad in tailing reservoir construction field, it has successively designed and built over 100 tailing reservoirs including Majiatian tailing reservoir of Pansteel, Baizhishan tailing reservoir for Daye iron ore mine of Wusteel, Wanniangou tailing reservoir for Baima iron ore mine of Pansteel and Dadongbei tailing reservoir for Zijinshan gold and copper mine. CIE has developed technology of seepage drainage and consolidation by deep gravity flow of seepage drainage well, it has developed the analysis model for tailing reservoir consolidation and seepage, and CIE is in a leading position domestically in design of large sized tailing reservoirs and high dams.
Technological advantages and features
(1)Deep artesian drainage and consolidation technology of radial well for tailing reservoir
◎ Comprehensive and spatial seepage drainage
◎ Wide range of seepage drainage with good control depth
◎ With remarkable precipitation effect, which can improve the dam stability effectively
(2)Analysis model for consolidation and seepage of tailing dam
(3)Heightening and reinforcement technologies of tailing reservoir
◎ Height extension and capacity expansion of tailing reservoir at strong seismic area with earthquake intensity over VII
◎Applying strong seepage drainage and precipitation measures or adopting slop pressing measures to improve dam stability
◎ Adopting “reservoir in reservoir” technology to reconstruct and expand old tailing dams
(4)Flood control of tailing reservoir and flood control of mines
(5)Stoping technologies of tailing reservoir
◎ Using proprietary patents to conduct wet type or dry type stoping of tailing reservoir
Deep artesian drainage of radial well
Wanniangou tailing reservoir engineering for Baima iron ore mine of Pansteel
Majiatian tailing reservoir of Pansteel
Yangjiawan tailing reservoir engineering of Wusteel Chengchao iron mine