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Patent and scientific achievements
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Patent introduction
◎ Total application patents has exceeded 700, of which invention patents account for more than 60%; The authorized patents have exceeded over 400, of which the invention patents account for more than 50%.
(31 proprietary technologies of metallurgical industry level and 4 registered software copyrights)
◎ Chief editing unit for 3 national standards and 1 industry standard, editing participant for  31 national standards and 8 industry standard.
◎ 28 registered trademarks of China, 2 registered trademarks of Hunan province and 10 registered foreign trademarks
◎ Having won 20 prizes and scientific and technological honors one after another such as national technology invention prize, provincial scientific and technological progress prize, intellectual property demonstration unit of national enterprises and institutions, demonstration enterprise for cultivation project of Hunan intellectual property, advanced unit for national engineering construction standardization, national high-tech enterprise, excellent innovation enterprise of MCC.

Scientific achievements
CIE has always been devoting itself to research and development of "environmental friendly, energy saving and high efficient" new processes, new technologies and new equipment, with its strong scientific research and development force, it has undertaken many significant state-level scientific research projects, and it has successively developed many scientific and technological achievements with international advanced level and they are widely applied in project construction.
◎ National High-tech Research and Development Projects (863 programme) ——low temperature catalytic denitration technology and demonstration of industrial furnaces and kilns
◎ National Technology Support Project——Research and development of energy control and waste energy utilization technology and equipment of sintering system
◎ Significant industry technology development project of NDRC (National Development and Reform Committee)——Research of energy saving technology and equipment in iron and steel sintering production and its industrialization
◎ Coal-based high temperature thermal consolidation grate-kiln (one-step method) direct reduction iron process (winning the national second prize for invention)
◎ Oxidized pellet production technology with high proportion of pyrite residues
◎ Oxidized pellet production technology of hematite
◎ Liquid sealing technology and equipment for sinter cooling
◎ The integrated sintering control expert system
◎ Directly- connected kiln and furnace boiler technology
◎ Integrated desulphurization and denitration technology
◎ TDS38106-LZ Elliptical equi-thickness vibrating screen


Liquid sealing technology and equipment for sinter cooling



Flue gas purification technology using active carbon

Technical Strength