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Real estate development
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◎ MCC • Central Park Project
MCC Central Park is located in Lugu Hi-tech Zone, Hexi Corridor, Changsha City. It is adjacent to Tongzipo Road in the north, Changsha Ring Road in the west, Changchuan Road in the south and Dongqing Road in the east.
Project planning land area of ​​about 120,000 square meters, building density: 21.2%, greening rate: 42.53%, planning a total construction area of ​​about 210,000 square meters, the block west of nearly 50,000 square municipal green land. The project includes multi-storey bungalows, high-rise residential buildings, commercial buildings, kindergartens and other supporting products. It is adjacent to the High and New High School of Normal University and its own kindergarten. Hongqiao Primary School and Mingde Lugu School Elementary School are all located in the area. The ultra-low volume ratio of 1.8, combined with the municipal green space on the east side of the project, will result in an actual green space rate of 90%. Based on this foundation, the Company will build the project into a green, cultural and livable high-quality property masterpiece in Lugu Hi-tech Zone.
High-rise residential units are two bedrooms and two living rooms (about 75 square meters), three rooms and two living rooms (about 90-105 square meters), four rooms and two living rooms (about 120 square meters); elevator houses from three bedrooms and two living rooms, four rooms Two Halls, an area of ​​about 130 square meters to 180 square meters.




◎ MCC • Meixihu project
MCC • Meixi Lake is located in Meixi Lake International Bridgehead in the Great Hexi West Pilot Area, south to the Meixi lake frontline lake view, overlooking the Peach Ridge; north to the Dragon King Harbor scenery green belt; to the west is the International Cultural and Art Center; East Side of the West Second Ring Road; its geographical location is quite superior, unique landscape resources. The total planned land area of the project is about 36,000 square meters, the plot ratio is 1.67, and the ground floor construction area is about 60,000 square meters.
The company to 5O's idea that the offer (supply), office park (Garden Office), Open (open free), Own (private enjoyment), opportunity (development prospects), want to build it into the Hunan Province, Office group, for the growth of creative business operations and development to provide an exclusive territory. Project products mainly to 400-600 square meters of villas office products, followed by 700-1000 square meters of high-level office products.