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Project information
The Special Train for Transporting Equipment of CIE's Sintering Reconstruction Project in Tulachermet, Russia Departed!
CIE participated in the 19th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition & Conference
The main works of the 1.1 phase of the Project to Build a Langfang Branch of Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences generally undertaken by CIE have been fully capped
The Sintering Project of Henan Anggang Zhoukou Iron and Steel Group, with CIE as the General Contractor, was successfully tested with the thermal load
The CIE Signed Two EPC Contracts to Undertake the Project of In-situ Modification, Improvement, and Reform of Sintering Machine and the Auxiliary Project of Modification of No.7 Blast Furnace with Sgis Songshan Co., Ltd.
The System to Detect and Diagnose the Status of Devices Developed by CIE Has Been Put into Use
Global initiative | the Robot System to Detect the Granularity of Mixture Independently Developed by CIE Has Been Put into Use
The Second Phase the In-depth Management Project of Flue Gas of Anyang Iron&Steel Group Co., Ltd Undertaken by CIE Has Been in full Production
CIE Successful XuSteel Group Phase 3 Power Generation Project by Equipment Technical Transformation for Sintering Waste Heat Power Generation Technology
CIE "Energy-efficient and durable double-chamber shaft lime kiln and control technology" was selected into the National Recommended Catalogue of Industrial Energy-saving Technology and Equipment (2020)
Changtian Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a contract for pre-metallurgy intelligent centralized control center project with Hebei Jingye Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
The shaft-furnace pelletizing project in Malaysia, contracted and constructed by CIE, is successfully put into operation
Contract for the EPC general contracting project of Valin Xiangtan Steel sintering machine body is signed by CIE
The "activated carbon + low-temperature SCR denitration" combined process independently developed by CIE has been successfully applied in Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Sintering Project
The national standard, Test Method for Static Air Leakage Rate of Iron Ore Sintering System (applied by CIE for preparation), was approved successfully
The no-load linkage test run of sintering project of XuSteel Group, constructed by CIE, is successfully completed
CIE starts the construction of the phase I general contracting item of the Wuxuan Liuzhou Steel Project
First application in China! The ultra-low temperature SCR denitration technology independently developed by CIE has been successfully applied in the pelletizing project of Zhanjiang Steel
CIE Recently Signed the Contract for Sintering Upgrading Project with Russia
CIE participated in the Construction of Comprehensive Stock Yard Relocation and Upgrading Project for Environmental Protection of WuKun Steel Co., Ltd.
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